We Honor All Veterans

When was the last time you thanked a Veteran?  Veterans have sacrificed their lives to protect the freedom of this country. It’s never too late to thank and honor them.
The events that occurred during war can impact a Veteran in various ways throughout their life. For example, WWII Veterans were exposed to weather elements that may result in long-term health risks. Though the Korean War was largely overshadowed by WWII and Vietnam, it is important to acknowledge the Veterans who fought in this conflict. For many of the American Veterans who fought in Vietnam, the wounds will never heal, especially given the cold reception many received when they returned home.

How You Can Honor A Veteran

America’s Veterans have done everything asked of them in their mission to serve our country and it is never too late to give them a hero’s welcome home. Simple acts of gratitude can make up for a lack of appreciation or recognition during the Veteran’s lifetime, especially for those Veterans who were never welcomed home or thanked for their service. The following are tips you can use to engage, honor and recognize the Veterans in your life.

Honor & Recognize Veterans

  • Give Veterans an opportunity to tell their stories
  • Respect Veteran’s service, their feelings, and any suggestions they might offer
  • Thank Veterans for their service to our country
  • Show appreciation for the families of Veterans
  • Be sincere, caring, compassionate, ready and able to listen to what a Veteran and his or her family member have to share about the situation they are dealing with
  • Be supportive and non-judgmental and always validate their feelings and concerns
  • Accept the Veteran as he/she is without judgment
  • Be patient and listen; it might take longer for some Veterans to build trust in you
  • Expect the Veteran’s sharing to occur over a period of time